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About the Bay Area Chapter

The Bay Area Counties included in our chapter's boundaries range from San Francisco and Contra Costa on the north to Monterey and San Benito on the south.  Meetings are rotated through the chapter area to simplify transportation problems and to encourage participation.

The Bay Area Chapter was formed in 1961, when six superintendents met to discuss mutual problems and solutions.  Soon other agency personnel and vendor representatives recognized the benefits of this interaction and the chapter grew and prospered.  In 1965, our group merged with a similar organization in the Los Angeles area and incorporated as the Maintenance Superintendents Association now eleven (11) local chapters with a membership of over 2,000.  The Bay Area Chapter's 2009 roster topped 325. Activities include monthly luncheon meetings with informational workshops sponsorship of educational programs, a variety of social events, and an annual statewide conference and equipment show.

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